From Pandemic Alternative to Purposeful Archive: Student Research Reaches New Audiences in Misericordia Digital Commons

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Since spring 2020, higher education has required alternatives both day-to-day operations and its most cherished traditions. Student Research Poster Day is a spring tradition at Misericordia when (primarily) graduating seniors from each college share the results of semester- and year-long research projects with the campus community. Students—many assisting faculty mentors—have the opportunity to explain their findings and describe research challenges and surprises in a conference-like poster session. Misericordia Digital Commons offered a virtual solution for Spring 2020 and 2021 when face-to-face events were not ideal due to the pandemic. Originally viewed as a temporary alternative to the preferred in-person event, making this student research available to a global audience has resulted in enormous success for the repository, Misericordia’s students, and the institution by showcasing Misericordia’s commitment to undergraduate research opportunities.




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