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Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), also referred to as three-dimensional digital mammography provides a new technique that can aid in dense breast imaging. Mammography is the process of creating images of the breast for screening and diagnostic purposes by using low dose radiation. Screening mammograms are performed once a patient is age forty and then annually after that. It is used to provide an earlier detection of breast cancer for a better chance of survival. Diagnostic mammograms are performed when a patient has a strong family history of breast cancer or clinical evidence, such as, a breast lump. Most cancerous lesions found in the breast have irregular boarders that appear spiculated and as architectural distortions. Dense breast tissue can mask these spiculations. DBT reduces masking and resolves superimposition of breast tissue allowing better discrimination of tissue structures and improves visualization. DBT offers many advantages including improved breast cancer detection, dense breast imaging, and reducing the frequency of false-positive results and recalls.

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Medical Imaging


Mammography, Digital Breast Tomosynthesis, Dense Breast Tissue


Medicine and Health Sciences

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis for Dense Breasts



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