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Elaine Halesey



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Breast Lesion Localization: Savi Scout

Madison Keegan

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Elaine Halesey, Ed.D., R.T.(R)(QM)

The Savi Scout is a localization procedure used to help identify non-palpable breast lesions under mammographic or ultrasound guidance, by way of placement of a non-radioactive reflector through a delivery system. The modality of mammography uses screening and diagnostic exams by creating images of the breast to better visualize anatomy as well as possible lesions. The radiographic detail determines the type of breast tissue such as fatty, dense, or extremely dense and with age the tissue type can change. Non-palpable breast lesions are identified with imaging of the breast, using procedures other than the Savi Scout such as: wire guided localization, radioactive seed, magnetic seed, radiofrequency identification, and hematoma ultrasound guided. The Savi Scout localization procedure can be completed up to 30 days prior to surgery, and is located after placement using a hand piece and guidance system. Location is determined by the reflector emitting a certain frequency based on proximity to the reflector, and when compared to the more common procedure of wire guided localization, there is no statistical difference as the mean tumor volume, negative margin rate, and re-excision rate. The Savi Scout is an FDA approved procedure that is efficient and is becoming more commonly used.

Keywords: Savi Scout, Non-palpable Breast Lesions, Mammography, Reflector, Localization, Procedure, Wire Guided localization

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Savi Scout, breast lesion, mammography


Medicine and Health Sciences

Breast Lesion Localization: Savi Scout



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