Faculty and staff scholarship from the Occupational Therapy Department at Misericordia University.


Submissions from 2018


Uncovering the Value and Meaning of a Horticulture Therapy Program for Clients at a Long-Term Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Facility, Joseph Cipriani, Jenna Georgia, Megan McDhesney, Jaclyn Swanson, Janelle Swanson, and Megan Stabler

Submissions from 2017


Integration of International Service Learning in Developing Countries within Occupational Therapy Education: Process and Implications, Joseph Cipriani


A Systematic Review of the Effects of Horticultural Therapy on Persons with Mental Health Conditions, Joseph Cipriani, Ashley Benz, Alanna Holmgren, Dana Kinter, Joseph McGarry, and Gabrielle Rufino


Leadership Development of Rehabilitation Professionals in a Low-Resource Country: A Transformational Leadership, Project-Based Model, Maureen Romanow Pascal, Monika Mann, Kim Dunleavy, Julia Chevan, Liliane Kirenga, and Assuman Nuhu

Submissions from 2016

Study of Pre-Handwriting Factors Necessary for Successful Handwriting in Children, Lalitchandra J. Shah, Katarzyna Bialek, Melinda J. Clarke, and Jessica L. Jansson