Faculty and staff scholarship from the Physical Therapy Department at Misericordia University.


Submissions from 2021


The Systemic Effects of Blood Flow Restriction Training: A Systematic Review, Bradley C. Miller, Alexander W. Tirko, Justin M. Shipe, Olivia R. Sumeriski, and Kelley Moran


Effect of the Menstrual Cycle on Athletic Performance in NCAA Division III Collegiate Athletes, Amy Tremback-Ball, Kaitlin Fulton, Nicole Giampietro, Megan Gibbons, Arielle Kneller, and Hayley Zelinka

Submissions from 2019

Interprofessional Socialization Through Acute-Care Simulation, Kristen Karnish, Lisa Shustack, Laurie Brogan, Gina Capitano, and Audrey Cunfer

Submissions from 2018


Therapeutic Ultrasound, David O. Draper, Leamor Kahanov, and William E. Prentice


The Effects of LSVT BIG Home Exercises and T’ai Chi on Balance and Gait in an Individual with Parkinson’s Disease: A Case Study, Maureen Romanow Pascal, Dayna Ehlers, and Rebecca Hindman


Shoulder External Rotator Strength in Response to Various Sitting Postures: A Controlled Laboratory Study, Steven Pheasant, Richard Haydt, Thoma Gottstein, Anthony Grasso, Nicholas Lombard, and Brandon Stone


The Effectiveness of Biofeedback Therapy in Managing Bladder Bowel Dysfunction in Children: A Systematic Review., Amy Tremback-Ball, Emily Gherghel, Aubrey Hegge, Katerina Kindig, Heather Marsico, and Rachel Scanlon


The Efficacy of Kinesiology Taping in the Treatment of Women with Post–Mastectomy Lymphedema: A Systematic Review, Amy Tremback-Ball, Rachel Harding, Kathryn Heffner, and Aryn Zimmerman

Submissions from 2017

Therapeutic Effects of Constraint Induced Movement Therapy vs Bimanual Training in Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Systematic Review, Victoria Adeyinka, Melinda Labarre, Alexa Plevyak, and Maureen Rinehimer


The Effects of Resistance Exercises on Secondary Lymphedema Due to Treatment of Breast Cancer: A Review of Current Literature, Morgan Romesberg, Andrew Tucker, Katie Kuzminski, and Amy Tremback-Ball

Efficacy of Aquatic Therapy in Improving Functional Outcomes in Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Systematic Review, Amy Tremback-Ball, Christopher Brozena, Lauren Clemson, Katlynn Fickenger, and Nicole Najaka

Submissions from 2016

Comparing the Effects of Segmental and Global Stabilization Exercises on Patients with Low Back Pain Secondary to Spinal Instability, Richard Haydt, Ryan Hassick, James Schreffler, Jamison Perkins, Michael Henahan, and Rachael Richards

Cervical Contribution to to Functional Shoulder Impingement: Two Case Reports, Steven Pheasant