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Breast density refers to the amount of fibrous and glandular tissue in comparison to fatty tissue demonstrated on a mammogram. A woman’s breast density is significant because as the density of the tissue increases, the woman’s risk for developing breast cancer increases and the more challenging for microcalcifications or lesions to be seen on mammography images. The Mammography Quality Standards Act, requires radiologists or imaging facilities to send each patient a written summary of their mammogram report and communicate to the patient if their results suggest further imaging. In addition to this requirement, 38 states that have passed a Breast Density Notification Law the summary must also include the patient’s breast density category. Through literature review, the significance of breast density and the role of imaging aids in creating awareness to the public. Breast density is categorized using the criteria established by the American College of Radiology. Having the patient receive the information on the density of their breast tissue, creates awareness and promotes communication with their referring physician on the need for any follow-up imaging or clinical management. Through advancements in technology for mammography and sonography, the combination of imaging improves sensitivity for detection of masses amidst the dense tissue.

Keywords: breast density, breast density notification legislature, mammography, breast sonography

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breast density, breast density notification legislature, mammography, breast sonography


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Breast Density Awareness



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