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Amanda Montgomery



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The menstrual cycle is more complex than what seems to be taught in the education system. School systems focus on the basics of the menstrual cycle, like for example what to do when a young female gets her menstrual cycle for the first time and telling the young female that she can get pregnant but then do not go into detail on the timeframe when pregnancy can occur. It consists of more information than what is taught in the public school system and should be better taught to young females to prevent the unpreventable. The main objective of the study was to evaluate how much women know or think they know about the menstrual cycle, and where in their education they learned the information. In order to generate responses, a survey was created and sent out to women that asked multiple questions. The questions were regarding the menstrual cycle and were specific to the knowledge that they have obtained or have not obtained in their lifetime.

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Diagnostic Medical Sonography


menstrual cycle, gynecology education


Medicine and Health Sciences | Women's Health

Assessing Women's Understanding of Mensuration: Knowledge Gaps and Educational Needs