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The Effect of an 8-week Core Training Program on 1 Mile and 100-M Dash Indoor Running Times in College-Aged Students


The core provides proximal stability of the trunk which enhances power production and strength with distal limb movement. Available literature has studied the correlation between increasing core strength and the augmentation of balance and stability, power generation, core endurance, neuromuscular control and injury prevention.


The objective of this study is to investigate the impact of an 8-week core training program on the running performance of college-aged students, specifically their 1 mile and 100-meter dash times. The study aims to determine whether incorporating a core training program into the regular training regimen of college-aged students will lead to significant improvements in their running times.


Participants: Male and female individuals between the ages of 18 and 25 years of age. Inclusion criteria includes only English-speaking participants. Recruitment: Participants are recruited from three local college campuses, Misericordia University, King’s College, and Wilkes University on a volunteer basis. Program Interventions: Following initial data collection (week 0), participants complete an 8-week core endurance program. Participants complete an exercise log following each training session and a weekly survey.


Participant data for the 100 Meter dash and 1-Mile run collected at pretest (week 0) and posttest (week 8) utilizing Dashr Timing System. Following data collection, participants perform an 8-week core training program 3X/week with all three sessions performed as a home exercise program.


Based on prior studies we hypothesize that by increasing the strength and endurance of the core musculature there will be a decrease in the amount of time it takes to complete a 100-meter sprint and a 1 mile run, and a negative correlation between core strength and running times.


There was significant reduction in the 100-meter dash times (p = 0.012, CI = 0.95, SD = .62042s) and for the 1 mile run, it was determined that there was no significance (p = 0.061, CI = 0.95, SD = 21.04222s). Concluding that the core strengthening program is more effective in decreasing 100-meter dash times than 1-mile run times.

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core strength, running time, running economy


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The Effect of an 8-week Core Training Program on 1 Mile and 100-Meter Dash Indoor Running Times in College-Aged Students