Faculty and staff scholarship from the Business Department at Misericordia University.


Submissions from 2018

Shake It Off: Potential Civil Liability of Handshake Lines, Joshua D. Winneker and Sam C. Ehrlich

Submissions from 2017


Service Learning with Community Engagement that Benefits Volunteer Organizations, Fred J. Croop


The Calm Before the (Court) Storm: Potential Fan Liability and the NCAA's Necessary Response, Joshua D. Winneker and Sam C. Ehrlich


Intra-City Rivalries Pushed Major League Baseball's Desegregation Forward, Joshua D. Winneker, David Gargone, and Zhen Ma

Submissions from 2016

Economic and Environmental Performances in the U.S. Manufacturing Industries Between 1988 and 2005, Soumendra N. Banerjee


The Impact of EPA Regulations on the U.S. Manufacturing Industry, Soumendra Nath Banerjee

A Study of the Fan Motives for Varying Levels of Team Identity and Team Loyalty of College Football Fans, David Gargone


It's Time to Blow the Whistle on Performance Enhancing Drugs, Joshua D. Winneker


Potential Stadium Owner Liability for Outdoor Ice Hockey Games, Joshua D. Winneker

"School's Out": A Coach's Tortious Instructions to His Players to Harm Others is Beyond the Scope of Employment for Imputing Liability to the Employer-Schools, Joshua D. Winneker and Philip Schultze

Lights, Camera,.... Injury!: The NBA Needs to Ban Courtside Cameramen, Joshua D. Winneker, Philip Schultze, and Sam C. Ehrlich

Submissions from 2015

The Effects of Increases in Cigarette Prices on Cigarette Consumption Among Smokers After the Master Settlement Agreement, Zhen Ma