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This project goes into detail describing electron beam radiation therapy and the different uses within treatment options. Electron beam radiation therapy is used for treatment of superficial lesions on the skin. Some common uses of electron beam radiation therapy are T-cell lymphoma, Mycosis fungoides lymphoma, basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers, breast cancer lumpectomy site boost, as well as non-cancerous keloids. A material used to produce accurate radiation dose is bolus, which acts as a layer of human tissue. This material is used for uneven areas of the body. Another important material used in electron beam radiation therapy is Cerrobend. Cerrobend alloys are used to produce precise cutouts to block beams from targeting good surrounding tissue. New 3D printed cutouts have been developed, which cuts toxic materials, reduced manual labor, and improves reproduction of the field shape. The plethora of different uses electron beam radiation therapy provides demonstrates how much science has evolved and the power radiation therapy has on saving lives.

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electron beam, radiation therapy, superficial skin lesions, keloids


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Electron Beam Radiation Therapy for Superficial Skin Lesions