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Misericordia University offers over 15-degree programs and 12 entry and post-professional certificates in the College of Health Sciences. This research focuses on eight of these programs and the similarities and differences among them. Educational requirements for entry to the healthcare professions was compared in a table, with information found in each professions’ accreditation standards, as well as the Misericordia University program handbooks and program catalog. Some of the topics covered include accreditation standards, certification organizations, licensure requirements for the state of Pennsylvania, clinical/fieldwork hour requirements, and minimum degree requirements to enter the profession. Further research was conducted to determine the year of the first formal education program for each field, where it was found that Social Work was the first to have a formal education program in 1904 and Diagnostic Medical Sonography is the newest in 1985. This shows that the healthcare field is always evolving and introducing new formal education programs, and Misericordia University is continuing with this trend and preparing students for success in their future careers.

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Diagnostic Medical Sonography


Medicine and Health Sciences

Comparison of Educational Requirements for Entry to Healthcare Professions