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Background. Falls related to stroke have a negative impact on physical mobility, overall health, quality of life, and fear of falls. In Guyana, falls are accepted as a normal part of life and there is little to no research on the impact of a falls prevention program on decreasing both falls and fear of falling in the post-stroke population in this country.

Objectives. This international collaboration protocol will determine the ability of a falls prevention program to decrease falls and fear of falling in individuals post-stroke in Guyana.

Design. This is a within subjects design, with exercises based on the individuals’ walking abilities.

Setting. The study will be conducted at the Palms Rehabilitation Department in Georgetown, Guyana. Physical therapists in Guyana will perform all data collection and interventions. The data analysis will be performed at Misericordia University in Dallas, Pennsylvania by physical therapy students.

Participants. Twenty individuals who have a history of stroke and who score less than 45/50 on the Berg Balance Scale.

Intervention. The multifactorial exercise intervention program will focus on common post-stroke impairments such as static and dynamic balance and strength. These exercise interventions will be delivered by trained physical therapists 1 time a week for 8 weeks. Participants will report any falls throughout the program to the physical therapists. Participants will also be asked to perform a home exercise program (HEP) to increase frequency of exercises.

Measurements. The primary outcome measures to assess the effectiveness of the interventions will be the Berg Balance Scale, 5 Times Sit to Stand and the Short FES-I.

Limitations. The short time frame of the interventions and the frequency of sessions (once a week), as well as the participants’ ability to attend sessions due to travel limitations including cost of travel. Participant adherence to HEP between treatment sessions could also potentially impact the results of the study.

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Effects of a Falls Prevention Program for Individuals Post-Stroke in Guyana: An International Collaboration Protocol