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This project explains the two most common positions to treat breast cancer: prone and supine. Radiation therapy, breast cancer, complications of radiation therapy to the breast, and the new set-up for prone positioning called Crawl Couch are also discussed on the poster. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women in the United States. Men can also develop breast cancer, but it is less common. Supine is performed utilizing deep inspiration breath hold and the prone is completed using free breathing. Prone and supine are the two positions used but some researchers found a better way to treat in the prone position. Prone is healthier than supine due to decreasing the dose to the heart and lungs. The Crawl Couch is better than the standard prone position due to there being a more precise treatment and more comfortable to the patient. There needs to be more research on the dosimetry aspect of comparing these three setups for patients when they receive breast cancer treatment.

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radiation therapy, radiation oncology, prone position, supine position, Crawl Couch, breast cancer, external-beam, free breathing, deep inspiration breath hold, DiBH


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Prone Versus Supine Position for Breast Cancer Treatment

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