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HDR Cylinder Treatment for Endometrial Cancer

Colette Southerton

Dr. Gina Capitano, Ed.D., R.T. (R)

Michael Niggli B.S., R.T. (R) (T)

Dale and Frances Hughes Cancer Center

Brachytherapy is a type of treatment in which radioactive material is place inside one’s body to treat cancer. High Dose Rate (HDR) Cylinder Treatment is an invasive type of brachytherapy that is commonly used to treat endometrial cancer. This treatment aims to reduce the risk of local recurrence of cancer by first placing a cylindrical applicator inside the patient’s vaginal canal. An Iridium-192 radioactive source is placed inside of the applicator at specific times and locations using a remote afterloading brachytherapy system. This device administers the high levels of radiation inside the patient’s vaginal canal by being directed from the remote afterloader, through a connecting catheter, and then led inside of the cylinder applicator. The radioisotope source that travels through the catheter is precisely delivered to the tumor, or tumors, of interest. Once completely delivered, the sources are retracted back into the remote afterloader. Overall, this procedure is very safe and effective in treating and reducing malignant tumors for women with endometrial cancer. This clinical presentation explores the nature of HDR Cylinder Treatment, with emphasis on this procedure’s side effects and interventions.

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HDR cylinder treatment, endometrial cancer


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HDR Cylinder Treatment for Endometrial Cancer